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Energy Essentials for Entrepreneur:  Daily tools for Entrepreneurs to manage their Personal Energy.

Change your Energy, Change your Life! Creating health in the bodies Energy System.

Discover the purpose of the pain:  Understanding the underlying emotion based messages of your Pain, Illness, Injury or Dis-Ease.

Finding your Courage and Confidence: 5 reasons we lose courage and what to do about it.

Learning Learners:  Tips and Tricks for students to increase GPA by 1.0.  Perfect for Planning class

Setting up the Class:  Instructional talk for teachers to easily increase the information retention of their students.

As well as...

Group Teaching: Crystal Healing, Energy Medicine, Chakra Clearing

OR............ we can customize a talk to suite your needs.

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Carol Surbey - Energy Coach

....the opportunity to allow pain, illness or dis-ease assist you in gaining clarity in your life lessons.

Carol is a Master Matrix Energy healer.  She has a background in Energy Healing, Reflexology, Reiki, NLP, Time Line Therapy (R), Colour Therapy and Hypnosis.

Her talks are based around the world of Energy. This has long been a taboo subject, and she offers clarity and insight into the TRUE nature of Energy and how to use for your own personal benefit.

The Energetics behind your own innate system:

The body is always talking, but, do you know how to listen?

Let me show you how to make your energy "ROAR", and still hold onto the beautiful, delightful person you are.  I am not talking working out, supplements or any of the "hard" stuff.  Let me walk you through, step by step, techniques that lift you up, set your foundation, and allow you to breath and flow through your day to day.

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