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The Thyroid is an Endocrine gland that is a chemical influencer in the body.  The Thyroid produces hormones that generate new cells, regenerate existing cells, maintains metabolism and oxygen consumption. The Thyroid is situated in the Throat (Blue/5th) Chakra.  This is the Chakra where we start to communicate what we have decided we want and start to move towards what we want using our own personal will. Most people with Thyroid issues (mostly women) develop these issues after the age of 65.  Most common side effects of Thyroid problems are depression, weight gain, low energy and sleep problems. It is interesting [...]


The Tonsils are located at the top of the throat, in the Throat Chakra. This area of the throat is part of the lymphatic system and part of the systems in the body that can filter out microbes, germs and other foreign substances. Tonsillitis indicates the feeling of anger or frustration that you are experiencing. What are your trying to "Will" to go your way?  I assume you are not getting your way and what is going on that you are finding it so "Hard to Swallow? The tonsils are partially responsible for what enters the body. So when your [...]

Quiz Results Red Chakra

Root chakra is located at the bottom on the torso, in the crux of the tailbone and points downward, towards the Earth. The Root Chakra experience is about your connection to your tribe/family.  I would like to add that, due to globalization and ease of communication, this is being refined to include those people that you think of as family, even though they might not be blood related. The experience of the Root Chakra is that you work within the tribe to support the overall survival needs of the tribe, even if that requires sacrificing your own happiness.  It is [...]

Technique – Chess Pawn

Here is a really quick and easy technique to help you change your perspective from being "in something" to see how that "something" is only part of the whole, and where there might be any gaps you need to fill. Do you like this kind of content? Make sure you SIGN UP so you don't miss another episode.

She said “WHAT” to you? Do’s and Don’ts of unsolicited advice.

I recently has a conversation with a healing client and she told me of 3 seperate experiences with 3 seperate "Energy Healers" that told her she had a "Blocked Chakra" and that she should do something about it.  They then thought it was appropriate to turn around and walk away leaving her sputtering and wondering "What the heck" they were talking about..... TRANSCRIPT:

Personal Power!

Welcome to the PERSONAL POWER Chakra!  Here we hold all of our potential for truly living the way that we want to live. It is interesting when you really start to dive into the Power Plays that happen between people, it is our nature to give our power away to those that we maintain are "stronger" than ourselves.  We do this in order to keep ourselves safe. This could be in a husband/wife relationship, a boss/employee relationship and a parent/child relationship. Where is your life are there power plays going on and how do they serve you? When we consider [...]

Partnership Chakra: Where is it..What is it..and how does it effect the energy of your life and your health?

Welcome to the Partnership Chakra. This chakra is also know as the Sacral Chakra, the Orange Chakra, the Second Chakra and the Sex Chakra. As we get further into discussion about this chakra, it is interesting how we morph from the tribal energies of the first chakra; your first level or ring of family, to the second level including extended family, friends, acquaintances and co-workers. Learning to protect your own energy, maintaining personal boundaries and keeping yourself physically safe are the responsibility of this Chakra. This Chakra also represents our first opportunity to experience a Chakra with 2 vortexes....the Feeling [...]

Root Chakra and it’s affiliated body illnesses; Revolutionize the way you connect and understand pain, illness and disease.

Today we are looking at the Root Chakra....  Where it is, what feelings, illnesses emotions are tied to it!  Mainly, what illnesses are are result of an over active or underactive Root Chakra. Chakra systems represent very specific aspects of your physical body.  Just like meridians and accupressure points, Chakras are another great resource to balance the entire body and mind ecosystem. Known as the Tribal Centre, first chakra, red chakra or the Root Chakra. This chakra links us to the physical world, solidity and support - especially to the physical body. It is the foundation of energy and governs [...]

Finding your courage and resilience to move into the flow of life.

Today we are looking at the reasons why we lose our courage and motivation.  In a world like we live in, we get hit from all different direction on what we could, should, would or need to do and there is very little room to ACTUALLY pursue in a way that feels good to us. We look at what it takes to step into the FLOW of our own lives.  The first step is to intentionally create, which  opens to the full potential of possibility.  Next we learn the art of relaxing into the flow by practicing a very simple [...]

How to break down the true meaning behind your dream.

I had an interesting dream last night and after reflection in the morning I thought it would be an important one to tell. The Dream: In this dream I was at a women's event of some sort, similar to a networking event. There was approximately 10 to 12 women attending and we had a guest speaker. I did not know much about this guest speaker, but when he asked for a volunteer, I am always up for a new experience so I jumped up and took the opportunity. Standing up in front of the group, this guest speaker stood right [...]