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Isn't it time you started to live the life you WANT to LIVE?

You know that 98% of your cells are replaced annually, but you are still suffering with pain, illness, injury or dis-ease...

Why is that?....


Deepak Chopra, in his book "Quantum Healing" states that people are:

"bundles of conditioned reflexes constantly being triggered by circumstances, situations and people".

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In other words, we are ruled by our thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Sound like you?  Stuck in the merry-go-round of being victim to your thoughts, feelings and emotions?

The good news is that we now know that everybodies habits, behavioral patterns, archetypal patterns and genetic patterns that make up these thoughts, feelings and emotions are all set by the time your are 7 years old....and the good news is we now have a way to break all of those patterns and more....QUICKLY AND EASILY!

AND I can help! 

Hi.......I'm Carol Surbey!


It's my mission to help you to bust out of all of those emotions that hold you back....the I'm not good enough, or, I don't deserve that.

We all have patterns running in our background that keep us where we are.  No matter how many Ohm's, or affirmations or meditations you do, you just can't bust out and create the life you deserve!

You see, I believe that you can break these cycles, quickly and easily.  I believe that your desires can become your reality... but maybe you need some guidance, accountability and support to get you there. 

 In my 1-on-1 programs, you have the opportunity to:

  • See yourself from a new perspective, which gives you permission to make the changes you are seeking
  • Provide action and tasking to get you moving towards health and the courage to do it
  • Receive dynamic training to target the life you want

With my training in NLP, Hypnotherapy, and as a Time Line Therapy® Practitioner and Certified Coach along with all of my experience in Energy Healing I have the tools to break through the existing neuropathways that are keeping you like a hamster on a wheel,  doing the same thing over and over....not being able to stop.

Together we will create new behaviors with new neuropathways....and I will give you the tools to fortify the new teachings....all of which will let you have the life you seek!

My previous clients have:

  • Broke emotional patterns that kept them feeling depleted in relationships.
  • Managed "getting better" with ease
  • Significantly improved their health and overcome vertigo, obsessive exercise and many other physically based health issues
  • Come to terms with and offered forgivness for abusers
  • Stopped putting themselves at fault for what is going wrong in the lives of others.

This is your invitation to join them.  Just click on the button to sign up for a FREE Clarity Call, and you will be on your way.