Your body communicates with you every moment of every day!

It all happens very naturally and we have the capacity to understand these simple requests and fulfill them.

When you have eaten enough, you feel fullness in the stomach.....when you are dehydrated, you feel the need to drink water.....you have that spark of inspiration that when you employ it, makes you an extra $1,500.00!

The body can be very persistent in pursuing its' form of communication.



If the body is so persistent, and naturally very efficient

What is the purpose behind injury, pain, illness and disease?

Hey There! I'm Carol Surbey....



-NLP Practioner

-Time Line Therapy (R) Practioner

- Professional Certified Speaker


   - Energy Trainer

My story...

starts in the fact that I have always been sensative to Energy and in my mid-20's I found I was slowly turning away from it.  Well, the powers that be had other plans and I was LITERALLY WOKEN UP, GOT UP (I had no choice, my body just DID IT....and out of my warm, warm bed too!) and PLOP ME ever so nonchalantly into the most dualist experience of my whole life.  

I was taken directly to....




I could choose Faith or Fear. I chose faith and was catapulted back into reading energy.   I was given  HUGE inspiration to want to teach people how THEIR BODIES are communicating with them.  How their bodies take them to their choice points.... Through a unique blend of Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy (R) and Energy Work (and a couple of others techniques I keep up my sleeve) we face the problems head on, get the bodies permission to let it go and instill a sense of awareness of personal power, that many of my clients feel for the very first time in their lives! I can't guarantee that you won't pull yourself out of bed in the middle of the night with ahh-haa moments, but, I do promise to teach and inspire and....(warning).....show you how LIVE TO YOUR FULLER POTENTIAL!

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