Body Talk Revolution with Carol Surbey

Your body communicates with you every moment of every day!


It all happens very naturally and we have the capacity to understand these simple requests and fullfill them.

When you have eaten enough, you feel fullness in the stomach.....when you are dehydrated, you feel the need to drink have that spark of inspiration that when you employ it, makes you an extra $1,500.00!

The body can be very persistent in pursuing its' form of communication.



If the body is so persistent, and naturally very efficient

What is the purpose behind pain, illness and disease?

Hey There!

I'm Carol Surbey....

 - Mind Blower Away

 - Body Reader

 - Awesome Energy Chic

Born into this way of life and slowly trying to turn away from it, I LITERALLY had spirit WAKE ME UP, out of my warm, warm bed and plop me ever so nonchalantly back into seeing aura, reading energy and gave me the HUGE inspiration to want to teach people how THEIR BODIES are communicating with them.

I can't guarantee that they won't pull you out of bed in the middle of the night, but, I do promise to teach and inspire and....(warning) you how LIVE TO YOUR POTENTIAL!

carol cropped circle april 2016

"Ready for what?" you ask.


Ready to.....

1)Get to the depths of what is REALLY causing your illness.....

2)Take responsibility for your own health and wellness (no, I do not mean exercise)

3)Open up to your intuition and have some fun with freaking people out about what you know! (I'm kidding about the other people, but, you might give yourself a few surprises)

If this sounds like you, go ahead and CLICK HERE for a few options.

"I LOVE what you are teaching....everything with the Root Chakra totally resonated with me!!"
Sharine Kirstoff
"Thank you for everything you did o propel my healing journey Carol. I would not be where I am with out you!"
Kari Mercer
"Thank you Carol for the healing today. It was an AMAZING experience!"
Milena Cerin
"You can see through the bull and see a person for who they really are. You call them out and help them find out more about themselves."
Becca Koole

Are you looking for facts, how-to's or entertainment?

Starting at the age of 14, Carol has always been a leader in her community, teaching, training and choreographing large groups.

As a Centre-Stage Certified Speaker, invite Carol to come and speak at your Event, to your Community or to your Corporation, where she will provide thought provoking, insightful and some time down right funny stories, ideas and (yep, gotta get you moving out of the box) exercises!  CLICK HERE to find out more.


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